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About The Founder

Other than surviving the economic downturn after graduating from Spring Hill College in 2009, I  experienced what seemed to be another downturn. This time, I did not think I could survive it.  In 2014, I experienced a life changing event and discovered that I would  be a first time MOM!  Pause for a moment of silence please just to process the word, “mom.”  Wait, what happened?  I was on track with my career path in the financial industry, I was preparing for graduate school, I had just relocated (again!) and I was engaged!  So, I was pretty clear about my goals and objectives during that time of my life and I was certain that becoming a mother without proper planning was not on the agenda.  Needless to say, MY life plan was an epic fail! Or, so I thought……….. 🙂  Read More


Little Angels, Inc. is a charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2016 in the United States, to assist children and families in need of daily essentials such as diapers, wipes and other various hygiene necessities within Mobile County in the state of Alabama.

Our Mission

To help families in meeting the needs of children from birth to five years of age who are negatively impacted by the economy by providing free access to certain daily essentials.

Did You Know?

little angels inc girl looking sadDue to a lack of sufficient access to daily essentials which include clothing, diapering footwear, toiletries, health and safety products, families are unable to provide quality of care to their children as often as they should. The problem is particularly serious among low to moderate income families. As a result, this can lead to various health risks such as staphylococcus infection (staph infection), irritant diaper dermatitis (diaper rash), and other underlying health related issues which is uncomforting to the child.

We seek to prevent insufficient access to the daily essentials for children outlined above, especially when one of the major risks includes a matter of affordability. In this regard, our organization functions as a primary and/or secondary resource to provide services and programs that are needed to improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable citizens – children.

We are dedicated to:

  • Increasing the quality of care for children
  • Increasing community outreach and awareness and
  • Providing accessibility to daily essentials to meet the needs of children

How to Help…

Help a Little Angel today by contributing to our organization.

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